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Having an aquarium in your house is a great experience. You are able to feel the presence of nature around you while staying in the comfort zone of your home. It also adds to the decoration of your place as colourful fish never fail to grasp the attention of people. Keeping fish, however, brings a number of different responsibilities. You have to make sure that they get the ideal environment that they deserve.

Feeding them on time and having clean water for them is essential. At the same, you have to keep in mind that the water that you are providing your fish is suitable for their health. The temperature of the water plays a significant role in the healthy growth of your fish. A favourable temperature can encourage the fish to reproduce more, which will further enhance the look of your aquarium.  This can be accomplished by having the right temperature for the aquarium. While some fish prefer cold water, others prefer warm water. Our top selected aquarium heater is Hygger Titanium Tube Submersible Pinpoint Aquarium Heater.

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Purpose of Aquarium Heater

You need to understand the liking of your fish species and adjust the temperature accordingly. This can be achieved by installing heaters. Aquarium heaters are available in different sizes and prices. They also vary in their features.  The type of heater you require depends on what kind of aquarium you have. Like, getting an oversized heater for an average-sized aquarium will be stupidity. Hence, you need to be sure about the choices you make regarding your aquarium so that you do not regret spending your money. Doing proper research about heaters before buying one can be quite useful.

Which is the best aquarium heater?

Indeed, there are many aquarium heaters available in the market so much so that selecting one can be quite overwhelming for the buyers. You might get super confused while choosing and end up selecting the wrong heater for your aquarium. To save you from the trouble of visiting different stores and websites in search of a decent heater, the following is a list of the best aquarium heaters based on actual customer reviews. These fish tank heaters include Hygger Titanium Tube Submersible Pinpoint Aquarium Heater, Aquatop Quartz Glass Submersible Heaters, Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Aquarium Heater, SZELAM 25W Mini Fish Tank Heater, HT SubmerTetra sible Aquarium Heater, Aqueon Pro Submersible 100W Heater, Best for Betta Fish: hygger Submersible Fish Tank Heater, Best for Turtles: TetraFauna Aquatic Reptile Heater For Frogs, Newts & Turtles and Best for Plants: Hydor 75w Hydrokable Substrate Heater. All of these heaters are excellent in their way, and you can choose wisely from them based on your likings and your tank’s requirements. You can, however, rest assured that these following reviewed fish tank heaters will not disappoint you as they are being praised for their job for a long time now.


No#Best Aquarium HeaterRatingCheck Price
1Hygger Titanium Tub Aquarium Heater- Editor Choice4.4 Check Price
2Aquatop Quartz Glass Submersible Heaters3.8 Check Price
3EHEIM Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater3.8 Check Price
4Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Aquarium Heater3.8 Check Price
5SZELAM 25W Mini Fish Tank Heater4.0 Check Price
6Fluval E 300 watt Advanced Electronic Heater4.0 Check Price
7ViaAqua 300-Watt Quartz Glass Submersible Heater4.0 Check Price
8Tetra HT Submersible Aquarium Heater4.1 Check Price
9Aqueon Pro Submersible 100W Heater4.0 Check Price
10Hygger Submersible Fish Tank Heater3.9 Check Price
11TetraFauna Aquatic Reptile Heater3.9 Check Price
12Hydor 75w Hydrokable Substrate Heater4.4 Check Price

 1. Hygger Titanium Tube Submersible – Editor Choice


Hygger Titanium Tube Submersible Pinpoint Aquarium Heater With Digital Thermostatic Temp Controller 0

While you might find many submersible aquarium heaters, the Hygger Titanium Submersible Pinpoint Aquarium Heater is quite extraordinary. Being made from titanium, it does not have the chances of breaking inside the water. The other heaters are often victims of breaking down because of their glass material, but this heater has no such issues. It is available in different sizes, for example, 100 Watts, 200 Watts, and 500 Watts. This gives you the comfort of choosing the size that you desire.

Furthermore, it comes with a digital thermostat that has a range of temperatures between 32 F and 104 F. This means that you have the privilege of setting the temperature according to the requirements of the aquarium. It also allows you to see the temperature of the aquarium and the temperature that you have set simultaneously. This helps you keep track of your heater and make sure that it is functioning correctly.  In addition to this, the Hygger Titanium Tube Submersible Pinpoint Aquarium Heater is relatively inexpensive. Despite this fact, it provides excellent services to your aquarium and makes sure that your fish live a happy life.


This heater has the ability to shut down when the desired temperature is reached. This feature is handy as it allows you to carry out your daily tasks without worrying about the aquarium getting overheated. You do not have to sit near the aquarium when it is getting heated to shut it down as this heater has this covered by itself.

Secondly, this heater has an outstanding accuracy of +/- 0.5 C. Having such a good accuracy means that your aquarium is in safe hands as this product surely knows how to make its users not worry about any unnecessary problems. It further suggests that your fish is more than likely to enjoy the water they are in thanks to the temperature you set for them to swim in.

For the ease of the users, this heater can switch between centigrade and Fahrenheit. It cannot be denied that while some people in this world are customed to prefer the Fahrenheit scale, others choose the centigrade scale. Therefore, instead of having to convert the temperature on Google every time you have to set it, you can simply switch the scale itself for your convenience. This feature unquestionably saves you from a lot of hustle.   

  • Easy to read LED digital display shows water temperature.
  • Ideal for used in freshwater and saltwater aquarium.
  • AUTOMATED SHUT OFF SYSTEM Automated Shut Off System
  • This titanium heater is not suitable for use in acrylic fish tank.
  • This heater is only suitable for indoor use.
  • Do not burry heater under the dirt or sand, due to different specific heat capacity, it will damage heater.

2. Aquatop Quartz Glass Submersible Heaters (50W-300W)

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This heater is able to maintain constant water temperature for a long duration. Unlike some other heaters, Aquatop Quartz Glass Submersible Heaters (50W-300W) is easy to set up as it comes with an understandable manual. All you need to do is plug it in, turn it on, and fix it on a wall of your tank. Like the heater mentioned above, this one too is submersible in water. Other than this, the manufacturers of this heater make sure that you receive the best available material, and they also provide you with advice. Even though this heater offers excellent service, it is still really cheap. This means that it is affordable by almost everyone interested in making their aquarium an ideal living space for their fish. The fact that this fish tank heater has good durability also makes it one of the best heaters available in the market. Moreover, this heater can heat up to 13 gallons of water at once, so if you are interested in having a heater for your small aquarium, this one can be the one.


Aquatop Quartz Glass Submersible Heaters (50W-300W) is made up of really strong insulation glass. This means that any fears of the heater damaging the aquarium can be removed.  Furthermore, many users stress the fact that heaters can very often kill their fish. You can rest assured that this will not be the case for Aquatop. You can use it for any type of aquarium that you might have, even the ones with active fish. The active fish can hit this heater as many times as they want without experiencing any problems.

One fantastic feature that this heater has is that it maintains a constant temperature, which means that it stays exactly where you set it. Very often, the users of other heaters complain that the heaters change the temperature themselves, causing several troubles. Thanks to the careful and well-put technology of this heater, you do not have to confirm the temperature every day.

  • Adjustable temperature;
  • Inexpensive
  • No manual adjustment required.
  • Only preset temperature;
  • Works only for small aquariums up to 5.5 gals.

3. EHEIM Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater 100W

EHEIM Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater 100W is another great choice for your aquarium heater. You will not regret buying this product as it comes with many features that are hard to find in other heaters. 


The EHEIM Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater 100W is built such that it will turn off automatically when the water level dips too low. In addition to this, it is made up of shock-resistant and shatter-proof glass, which enables it to face extreme conditions. Moreover, it has an on-off indicator light that can be used by the users to figure out if the heater is working or not quickly. 

  • It has great suction power
  • It gives accurate readings
  • It is not durable

4. Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Aquarium Heater


Upon first glance, it is made clear that this fish tank heater is not a typical old fashioned kind. Its look is unique and elegant. It can easily complement your modern aquarium. Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Aquarium Heater has been manufactured not only to look different but also to work in an excellent manner. Some reviewers argue that this heater looks ugly because of its plastic exterior. However, every bit of it has been constructed for a specific purpose. Apart from this, the heater can fit in small places, so you do not have to stress about it taking up plenty of space in your aquarium. It is just 1/3″ wide at its thinnest point. Ironically, this heater appears to be the widest when you compare it to other heaters. Still, because it has a flat surface, it was able to reduce a few inches and become one of the smallest heaters available in the market today. Your fish can swim with great ease and comfort in your tank while enjoying the ideal temperature being provided by the heater. In addition to this, the Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Aquarium Heater is considered to be inexpensive compared to many other heaters.


Many fish tank heater users complain about the threats of the heater breaking inside the water. Their complaint is, without a single doubt, valid. This is because the heaters are usually made up of glass, and if they break, they can severely harm the aquatic life inside the tank. This, however, does not apply to  Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Aquarium Heater. Thanks to its plastic material, it is unbreakable and hence safe as well as durable.

This heater shows temperature the moment it is installed. However, you might take some time to get used to its highly efficient manner of showing temperature.

This heater has two lights that turn on if the water present inside the tank is too hot or too cold. One of the lights blinks at different paces while the other light stays solid. The blinking light represents the water temperature, and the solid light represents the heater setting. Now, how can we differentiate whether the blinking light is telling that the water is too hot or too cold? Well, this is achieved by observing the pace of flashing. If the light is flashing slowly, then the water is too cold, and if the light is blinking fast, then the water is too hot. Although this might seem like a lot to remember, you will get used to it in no time. You might as well thank the creators of this heater for coming up with a way of showing temperature with a simple glance on it.

It cannot be denied that the accuracy of the fish tank heater is perhaps the most crucial feature of it. The accuracy determines the existence of your aquatic life inside the aquarium. The company claims that it provides an accuracy of +/- 0.5 C, and it is the truth.  With such good accuracy, you can rest assured that your fish is in safe hands.

  • Maintains the temperature very well;
  • Shatterproof and shockproof.
  • One-touch system
  • Can be placed vertically only.

5. SZELAM 25W Mini Fish Tank Heater

Smart Mini Aquarium Heater

SZELAM 25W Mini Fish Tank Heater heater has been built specifically for small aquariums. It can also be used for all materials of the aquarium, for example, glass and plastic. This means that if you ever think about changing your aquarium and buying one with a different material, you do not have to change the heater as well. Hence, your money will be saved. Tankers that have 5 gallons of water can use this heater as an excellent source of heat. The SZELAM 25W Mini Fish Tank Heater is suitable for all kinds of fish like tropical fish, goldfish, ornamental fish, and turtles. Other than this, this heater is completely sealed. This means that it cannot be dissembled, so don’t try to do that!

Furthermore, this heater also automatically sets the temperature between 73 and 82 Fahrenheit. While it is the ideal temperature for most fish, it is not suitable for the fish that cannot survive fluctuations in the temperature. Therefore, you need to make sure what type of fish lives inside your aquarium and what its response towards change in temperature is like. Then, according to your fish’ liking, you should set up a heater.


Very often, we come across the trouble of not being able to fit the heater in the aquarium. Sometimes, the instructions are not clear cut, and sometimes the methods are very critical.  Therefore, the users are hesitant in installing heaters on their own. The heat at discussion right now, however, has made sure that it is user friendly in all ways possible. Its two function pumps are used for the secure fitting of the heater.

We know that you cannot leave all of your tasks and just wait for the heater to heat your aquarium so that you can turn it off. It is merely time-consuming and requires an unwanted amount of responsibilities. SZELAM 25W Mini Fish Tank Heater’s high technology has enabled it to turn automatic. This means that the heater turns off itself when the desired temperature is reached. All you need to do is set the heater to the temperature you want your aquarium to be in, and it will do the magic.

Not only does this heater makes sure that your fish have the most suitable temperature in their aquarium, but it also adds to the beauty of the tank by its fake plants. These fake plants enhance the look of your aquarium and make the passersby stop just to have a better look at it.

  • Waterproof IP68: 47in / 120CM indefinite waterproof
  • Applicable volume of fish tank water: under 5 gallons or 20 liters
  • Not much durable and reliable.

6. Fluval E 300 watt Advanced Electronic Heater, 3 Pack

Another brilliant heater that you can pick is the Fluval E 300-watt Advanced Electronic Heater, 3 Pack. It is a complete package for your heater and will make sure that you do not face any problems while using it.


The Fluval E 300-watt Advanced Electronic Heater, 3 Pack is great for large-sized aquariums, so you do not have to worry about it not adjusting to your fish tank. Apart from this, it also has easy to see color indicators. It provides equal heat to the aquariums it is set to serve.

  • It is durable
  • It gives accurate readings
  • It is quite expensive

7. ViaAqua 300-Watt Quartz Glass Submersible Heater with Built-In Thermostat

This submersible aquarium heater is ideal for both saltwater and freshwater fish. Its brilliant features are what makes it so popular amongst aquarium enthusiasts. You will not regret buying this heater that promises to provide you with the ultimate best. 


If you are a busy person and are looking for a heater that will be installed in no time, ViaAqua 300-Watt Quartz Glass Submersible Heater with Built-In Thermostat is the one. It is easy to install and will save up a lot of your time. Even the people who are new to aquariums will be able to set it up quite easily. It does not matter how big or small your aquarium is; you can still use this particular fish tank heater for it. Its many sizes enable it to be used for different sized aquariums without any issues whatsoever. 

  • It is inexpensive
  • It has accurate remote sensors
  • It has easy to read LCD controller

  • Turns the water too hot

8. Tetra HT Submersible Aquarium Heater 


Tetra HT Submersible Aquarium Heater easy to use heater might be the dream of many of you. It can heat up to 30 gallons of water, and it heats very efficiently. Your fish will not have to suffer from experiencing cold and warm water at the same time because this heater makes sure that all the water gets heated. It is also ideal for aquariums that are placed in relatively cold surroundings but need warm water for the fish.  It is a fully submersible heater that denotes that it carries out its functions while staying in the water. Being submersible gives its users the ability to place it anywhere inside the aquarium and possibly near an outlet. It can be placed inside the aquarium both horizontally and vertically. Therefore, you do not have to worry about it not fitting inside your aquarium.


It is noted that the information provided via colours is often more understandable by the lots. Keeping this in mind, the creators of this heater made use of red and green colours to indicate essential changes. The red colour means that the heater is still heating the water. The green colour means that the heater is set on it.

The heater is a low voltage thermostat that maintains the temperature at 78 degrees Fahrenheit, which is ideal for most tropical fish. This means that you do not have to adjust the heat over and over again.

The safety of the people around the aquarium is very important. Hence, the heater is made such that it shuts down due to overheating. This allows the fish to not die due to high temperature and also prevents any possible electric shorts that might harm the owners of the fish tank.

  • Low voltage thermostat maintains water at 78°F.
  • Shaky reputation for reliability.
  • Indicator light. When the aquarium is at the proper temperature a small green light illuminates. When the heater is on a red light illuminates.
  • Affordable.

9. Aqueon Pro Submersible 100W Heater

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Being made up of only plastic has its perks. You do not have to worry about the heater breaking or condensation taking place on the inside of the glass. While these qualities are remarkable in themselves, the Aqueon Pro Submersible 100W Heater is also pretty plain. This means that it will not cause any distractions for the viewers when looking at the aquarium. Admittedly, this fish tank heater is a smart heater.

It contains two mounting clips to help fix the heater with greater ease inside the fish tank. You might feel a tad bit of difficulty while attaching the suction cups to the clips, but once you accomplish that, you will have made a lovely atmosphere for your fish. It also stays on the clip afterward, so you do not have to fix it every time. Once the heater is set up, it will work quietly and will not disturb your life or the lives of your family members.


While this heater can work both horizontally and vertically, you have to make sure that it stays inside the water to function correctly. For this purpose, you will find an indicator on the heater that will help you keep track of your heater.

This heater contains a red and a green indicator. The red indicator shows that the water is still being heated while the green indicator shows that the desired temperature has been reached. These LED indicators are visible from the aquarium, which means that you can have a glance at it and know what the heater is doing. It further saves you from the work of actually taking time to check the activities of the fish tank heater.

Sometimes, the companies promise you one thing but deliver something else. This is not the case with Aqueon Pro Submersible 100W Heater. This heater is accurate, as mentioned in its descriptions, and when you try it out, you discover that it is actually pretty accurate. The company claims that its accuracy is up to +/- 1 Fahrenheit.

  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Large control knob that is easy to use and access
  • Long lasting
  • Expensive to buy when compared to similarly rated heaters

10. Hygger Submersible Fish Tank Heater – Best for Betta Fish

Submersible Fish Tank Heater

Hygger Submersible Fish Tank Heater amazing fish tank heater is something that your betta fish might appreciate. It is perhaps the most compact heater available in the market right now, and it is also very inexpensive. This means that not only does this equipment keep your fish warm but also fits almost anywhere you put it.  It contains a set of suction cups that help place the heater anywhere in the aquarium you desire.  However, it does not have an automatic shut down system, which means that you have to shut it down yourself after it is done heating the aquarium. Moreover, it does not have anything that tells you the current temperature of the water, so you have to get a thermometer for this purpose.


While in the case of many other fish tank heaters, you have to put your hand inside the aquarium each time you want to change its temperature, you do not have to do this in hygger Submersible Fish Tank Heater. Thanks to its thoughtful creation, the control knob of this heater is situated outside the premises of water. This gives you the privilege of changing the temperature anytime you want without the fear of your hand getting wet.

You can say that installing this fish tank heater is a one-time investment. It might be inexpensive, but its manufacturers have made no compromises on its quality. It has a highly durable structure that will stay for several years.

To further ensure the safety of this heater, it is made with a protective casing. It protects it against any possible damage that it might be encountering.

  • Can use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • Made of heat-resistant, explosion-proof quartz
  • Fully submersible, small in size, and easy to hide in the tank
  • A bit more expensive than other heaters
  • LED light is very bright

11. TetraFauna Aquatic Reptile Heater For Frogs, Newts & Turtles

60803fbf3e3b46076ec977e3f9bcdfed Reptile Frogs

TetraFauna Aquatic Reptile Heater is known for its exceptional heat abilities, especially for the aquariums containing Frogs, Newts, and turtles. It is the most ideal for fish tanks that contain turtles. It is a compact compressible fish tank heater, which means that it can fit in even small places. Many people who are enthusiasts of aquatic life prefer this heater. This is because they have tested it against several factors, and this heater always passes all of them. The creators of this product have also launched several other products in the fish market. All of these products have received an enormous amount of appreciation. Therefore, if you choose this fish tank heater as the heater for your fish, you will not regret it at all


This heater is famous for being able to maintain the temperature of the tank at 78 degrees. This temperature is ideal for a number of different fish that are kept as pets in the home. Therefore, you do not have to worry about changing the temperature each time or thinking about the water getting overheated. Still, however, to ensure the complete safety of your fish, you should do proper research on the kind you fish you have and what temperature suits it adequately. You will find out that 78 will be the chosen temperature for many fish.

People are often scared about their aquarium heaters affecting the lives of the aquatic life or damaging itself. This is not the case with this heater, for it comes with a fully protected plastic cage. This plastic cage makes sure that there is no sort of breakage inside the heater. The plastic enclosure also has many openings that allow an eight-foot-long cord to adapt to any changes and new environments.

Many users of aquatic heaters complain that their heater does not stick to its original position. It is true as a fish tank containing active fish often witnesses the fish moving around and hitting the fish tank heater. When this action occurs, the heater moves from its position and troubles the owners.TetraFauna Aquatic Reptile Heater makes sure that no such thing happens. It contains a pair of reliable suction cups that keep the fish tank heaters in their respective position. Therefore, you do not have to worry about adjusting the heaters back to their original position each time.

It does not matter if you have a large aquarium and want a heater that warms up its water in an excellent manner because this can be accomplished by this heater—having a capacity of heating up to 30 gallons of water, this product serves as a 30-gallon water heater.

  • Protective plastic cage to prevent breakage
  • An automatic thermostat maintains water temperature at 78°F
  • Plastic cage has openings so that the 8-foot cord can adapt to any direction
  • Mainly for small aquarium

12. Hydor 75w Hydrokable Substrate Heater

Hydor Hydrokable 75w Kablo Isitici 4422 800x800

Hydor 75w Hydrokable Substrate Heater heaters of lower wattage as well, the 75 Wattage fish tank heater might be the most ideal one for plants. That’s right; fish are not the only living organism living underwater that requires a specific temperature. The plants also need a perfect temperature to grow. This heater provides the tanks with an even distribution of warm water and does so via a slow circulation. This slow circulation helps create the natural effect of the water-bearing stratum.

Customers who chose this brand of the heater have reported that the heater is reliable as well as durable.  It keeps their plants safe and healthy. It is no hidden truth that the plants living in aquariums often do not adjust to every fish tank heater. You must understand the wants of your plants before installing a heater. Since Hydor 75w Hydrokable Substrate Heater has received many positive reviews, you can rely on it to not let you and your plants down.


While most of the fish tank heaters can only function inside the fish tank itself or outside of it, Hydor 75w Hydrokable Substrate Heater has been designed in such a way that it operates in either situation in a perfect manner. You can keep the heater completely submerged in water, or you can choose a dry habitat for it, whatever suits you, suits the fish tank heater.

This fish tank heater has double silicone insulation. The insulation makes sure that the heater is well protected. Problems, for example, overheating and getting hit by a marine creature, are not experienced by this heater. While it is true that this fish tank heater is usually preferred fo tanks that contain aquatic plants only, if you decide to place fish in, it will also not harm.

As mentioned several times above, suction cups help keep the heaters in position.Suctioncups are a significant part of any fish tank heaters. Without them, users have to go through many threats. Hence, even Hydor 75w Hydrokable Substrate Heater has made sure that the fish tank heaters come with suction cups. Now some owners complain that setting these cups up was challenging for them, but if you go through a little difficulty at first, you will get a completely functioning and reliable heater. Perhaps the saying goes correctly, ‘no pain, no gain.’ But you do not have to worry about it being too tricky to set up as it is quite basic and just requires a little bit of extra concentration.

  • For aquaria: 120 up to 200 litres
  • Stable suction cups
  • Totally safe – double silicone insulation guarantees total safety
  • Make extra noise
  • Less durability


As I’ve listed above different heaters that you could use in your aquarium. Numerous individuals who have utilized them generally end up with top quality items that show great performance. 

You can be the one to keep your fish at the correct temperature required for survival but my vote stands high with HYGGER TITANIUM TUBE SUBMERSIBLE PINPOINT .

The reason being that for starters it’s automatic. You don’t need to just stand and wait for your aquarium to have the right temperature. Secondly, it doesn’t break because it’s made of titanium. This heater has an outstanding accuracy of +/- 0.5 C. This figure indicates that your aquarium is in good hands. 

Tell us in the comments below, which heater would you be using among the listed factors? 

How many Watts does an Aquarium Heater use per Gallon?

An aquarium heater is one of the most significant parts of an aquarium. It determines whether or not your fish will live a comfortable and happy life. However, while ensuring the wellbeing of your fish, you should also know the money you will be spending on a heater. Once you buy an aquarium heater, keeping track of your electricity bills will be essential. You need to be energy-efficient in order to save your money. For this, you should know how many watts does an aquarium heater use per gallon. This way, you will be able to manage everything accordingly.

Ideally, 2.5 to 5 watts per gallon should be used. This is the basic thumb rule, which, if followed, will be suitable for the users. At the same time, however, you should also know how much water you want to heat and how long. For quicker services, increasing the watts per gallon would be a useful way of heating the aquarium. On the other hand, if you have more than one heaters, then you need to be even more cautious. The total heating capacity of all those heaters should add up to the wattage that is required. 

We hope that this would help you in understanding your heater better and using the right number of watts per gallon. 

How long does it take for an Aquarium Heater to Heat Up?

An aquarium heater plays a significant role in the wellbeing of the fish. As an owner of an aquarium, you need to familiarize yourself with the workings of a heater. If you are a busy person and have to manage your timings according to how long a heater has to be turned on, you should know the amount of time it takes to heat up.

For an average heater of 600 watts, it takes four to six hours for an aquarium heater to heat up. This number varies with different atmospheres and other external factors around the aquarium. The temperature of the water of the fish tank will also determine how long it takes for an aquarium heater to heat up. People have reported that their 300 watts heater takes only four to five hours to heat up. 

Truth be told, different heaters have different timings for heating up. In order to have a better understanding of these things, you should also get in touch with the manufacturers of the heater. This way, you would be sure before leaving a manual heater turned on. For your convenience, four to six hours should be ideal for your aquarium. 

How do I know if my aquarium heater is working or not?

A heater is required hardware for all tropical aquariums. No tropical fish ought to be in a fish tank without a warmer. 

Most of the fish that you see in the market are tropical, an aquarium warmer gets essential for most of the home aquariums. Except if you live in a tropical region, you should get an aquarium warmer for your fish. Else, they will kick the bucket inevitably. You need to be careful about the water temperature. Fishes need a proper temperature in which they can survive for long.  

Regardless of whether the fish don’t bite the dust immediately, it will turn out to be less dynamic when the water temperature is excessively cold. It’s not really the best thing out there for a fish. The simple way to know if an aquarium heater is working or not is to check the water temperature by a thermometer to see if it’s rising or not.  

How does an aquarium heater function?  

Aquarium heater changes overpower to warm. As water ingests heat rapidly, a radiator warms the water around it. So to have a radiator working, it must be in the water with a great course. It is an automatic process. The warmers will turn themselves off after they have arrived at the required temperature.

 There is no compelling reason for you to stress if the water will scorch. On the off chance that the temperature of water fells down than the set temperature, the radiator will consequently turn on. 

 Waterproof heaters

A large portion of the aquarium warmers in the market is completely sub. It implies they are completely waterproof. You can have them totally lowered in the aquarium without an issue. Indeed, every one of them has a “negligible water line”. On the off chance that they don’t lower sufficiently profound, the radiator will harm itself once it gets excessively hot. For these full sub warmers, you should situate them completely in the water. 

In our point of view, you should completely avoid those heaters who are not waterproof or have a “maximum water line” on them. You might not have any desire to keep the water over this line. It can fatal for your fishes. 

 Radiator not working

On the off chance if your radiator isn’t keeping up the right temperature, ensure it has been inactivity for 36 hours. The warmer will gradually raise or lower the temperature after some time. This will forestall an enormous temperature swing that can stun the fish. 

The one thing that should be kept in mind is that never remove the heater while it is turned on. Always unplug the heater first and then remove it from the aquarium. 

Maintaining the right temperature

It relies upon the species, however, as a rule, tropical fish are generally sound in the scope of 75-80°F (24-27°C). Cool water fish improve in temperatures beneath that, normally somewhere in the range of 60° and 75°F (15-24°C). Some of the cool water fishes include Sunset Variatus platy, Rainbow shiner, Clown killifish, Cherry shrimp, etc. 


Placement for a heater

In your home aquarium, the best area for putting a radiator is close to the greatest water stream, for example, the outlet or channel, or in the surge of a powerhead. Having water streaming straightforwardly past the warmer is the thing that rapidly and uniformly scatters warmed water all through the tank. 


Mostly, heaters take up to a day to get a uniform warmth in the aquarium tank.

As said earlier, you can check if your heater is working or not by a thermometer or you can use a bucket. Simply, fill the bucket with water, and put a heater in it to see if it’s working or not, and then you can dip it in the aquarium. You obviously need to check the lights if it’s working or not. You must unplug the heater before putting your hands in the aquarium. Aquarium heaters are quite safe, but you need to take certain steps of precautions as listed above. 

Let us know in the comments below if there are other ways through which we can be sure if the heater is working or not.