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Searching for the Best food for Guppies are fantastic pets.

They are especially suitable for people who want to have a low-maintenance, fish companion in their lives. Perhaps one of the fascinating things about guppies is that one could go on without feeding them for a couple of weeks, and they would still thrive just fine. However, this does not take the responsibility off the shoulders of guppy owners. While this fish is not particularly demanding in terms of dietary needs, it still has specific requirements that must be fulfilled to ensure good health.

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How does it work?

Before considering what to and how to feed your fish, it is vital first to understand what changes when guppies are transferred to fish tank environments from their natural habitats.
Guppies are highly adaptive species. They quickly adjust to new environments and living conditions, as long as their diet is not being compromised on (else they turn to infanticide). Therefore, the nutrition provided to them must be well-regulated and well-thought.
When in the wild, guppies feed on a wide variety of items, including algae and water insect larvae. Therefore, when you decide to move some to your home aquarium, you need to make sure that you are feeding your fish a combination of different foods. This ensures that they not only get the appropriate nutrients to thrive but also retain the color enhancements in their scales. It is also important to note that guppies have naturally small mouths, meaning that they fail to ingest big food particles. Therefore, when looking for feed for your fish, you should consider items with a flaky constituency. With these things in mind, you can go ahead and select which of the available fish food products is best for your fish.

How much to feed guppy fish?

Remember: you do not want to overfeed your fish. Tiny amounts of food at the right time can go a long way. Whenever it is feeding time, just drop a pinch of flaky food into the aquarium. The size of the pinch depends on the population of guppies in the tank. As a rule of thumb, drop in enough food that they can eat in around a minute and no longer than a couple of minutes. If you find that a certain portion of food is not consumed and has settled on the tank bed, it means you gave them too much. Try to reduce the quantity next time. It is a learning process based on trial and error, so you would have to show some patience.


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How often to feed guppy fish?

Feeding fish is always a very tricky business. Feeding guppies is even more so. This is because they always seem to be hungry and on an active search for food! It does not matter if you have just fed them, or if they are not hungry, guppies will be looking for some snacks. Combined with this, they are great at putting up shows too, pretending to look for food at the surface of water each time their owner passes by the tank. This makes it very difficult not to give them an extra diet. However, it must be noted that any extra thing you provide them to munch is either going to make them very sick or is going to lay untouched at the bottom of the tank, rotting.

Guppies are grouped into two categories based on their age, which is the primary, if not sole, the determiner of the required feeding frequency. It is as follows:

  1. Fry: The Fry fish are baby fish. They typically demand and need more food than the adult fish; therefore, they must be fed around eight times a day. However, this does not mean that not feeding them as much would cause them death. You could go on a day without feeding them, and they will be just fine.
  2. Adult: Adult fish do not require a lot of feeding. You could feed them once or twice in 24 hours. If you decide to feed them twice, make sure a 12-hour gap separates both sessions. Ideally, they should be fed early in the morning and then in the evening. However, if you cannot feed them a particular day, you need not worry as guppies can smoothly go on without food for a couple of weeks.

Best guppy food reviews

While there are many brands of fish foods available in the market, a few just seem to have made their mark in the hearts of customers. These are the Hikari USA Tropical Fancy Guppy for Pet Health,” ‘Tropical Micro Pellet Fish Food,” “Omega One Super Colour Flakes,” Tetramin Nutritionally Balanced Tropical Flake Food” and “API Fish Food Pellets.” Following is a review:

1. Hikari USA Tropical Fancy Guppy for Pet Health – Editor Choice


Hikari USA Tropical Fancy Guppy was created to cater to all the nutritional needs of guppies while being delicious. This has been remarkably achieved, for the fish love its flavor. Moreover, this feed is a complete diet for guppies. It is a fat-soluble product which gives the same amount of energy to a guppy fish that they would have obtained from wild stock. Hikari contains seaweed, which serves as a natural source of iodine, which is vital to boost reproductive capacity.

Key Features:

The texture of this feed is commendable. It acts like a sponge, absorbing water, however, not dissolving in it. This allows the flakes an ample amount of time to float in the water before sinking so that the fish have enough time to consume them.

It contains Krill
Krill is a ‘small fry of fish’ and a natural source for astaxanthin. Astaxanthin provides excellent nutritional value for the guppy fish as it plays a vital role in building and maintaining the immunity of the fish. A lack of astaxanthin is associated with the Blue Colour Syndrome. Therefore, having krill in their diets would ensure that the fish are away from the said condition.

It contains seaweed
It serves as a good source of iodine, which is vital for fish health.


Causes clouding
unfortunately, gives water a cloudy texture, making it difficult for the fish to see things. It also makes it hard for them to eat.

2. Tropical Micro Pellet Fish Food-Best Multi color Food


The Micro Pellet fish food comes in multi-colored granules, which takes away the risk of clouding the water. Moreover, the flakes are relatively easier to locate, again thanks to their color. This lets guppies find food without much hassle and also prevents food from going to waste just because the fish couldn’t notice it.

Key Features:

It has a softer texture
The softer texture makes it easy for the guppies to digest the food, hence preventing the issue of constipation.

It contains both Krill and Spirulina
This food item contains proportionate amounts of Krill and Spirulina. Krill, as aforementioned, is essential to boost immunity. Spirulina, on the other hand, improves digestion and growth rate. Both Krill and Spirulina together are responsible for maintaining bright scale coloration of guppy, which makes the fish attractive.


Difficulty to control the portion
Micro Pellet’s flake size
is especially small, which makes it quite challenging to control the portion size, which makes it easier to overfeed the fish.

3. Omega One Super Colour Flakes

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Omega One flakes are rich is salmon skins, which are an excellent source of beta-carotene. When consumed by guppies, this nutrient boosts scale coloration, giving the fish deep colors.

Key Feature:

No pre-processed proteins
One of the unique things about Omega flakes is that none of its constituents are pre-processed proteins. Whole salmon, halibut, and fresh kelp make up the constituency. These elements are high in protein and low in starch, which means that cloudy water won’t be an issue if you use this feed.


Not preferred by all guppies
A lot of guppies are not huge fans of the flavor of this product, meaning they might not eat it at all.

4. TetraMin Nutritionally Balanced Tropical Flake Food-Best Nutrition Fish Food

Tetramin Nutritionally Balanced Tropical Flake Food For Tropical Fish 600x600

TetraMin Nutritionally feed is made up of fish meal, shrimp meal, earthworms, and other nutritionally valuable things that are needed by the guppy fish to live a healthy life outside of their habitat. The antioxidants in the food ensure that the fish have healthy cells and a good immunity against diseases.

Key Feature:

Easy to digest
Thanks to the probiotics that go in the making of TetraMin, guppies develop an excellent digestive system. This means that not only are they saved from the trouble of constipation, but also they produce a lot less waste. The reduced amounts of excrement in the tank makes the water environment fresher and cleaner.

Color enhancement
The unique formula that goes into making TetraMin acts as an instigator of bright scale color development.

Does not Cloud Water
TetraMin does not cloud tank water, which makes it easier for the fish to see through water and locate food.


Wastage issue
TetraMin flakes tend to sink faster than other flakes. This means that the fish have less time available to feed on them. The obvious consequence of this is food going to waste, and building up of uneaten food on the bottom of the tank. This causes ammonia related issues in the water, especially if the feeder has been careless about the number of flakes added to the aquarium.


5. API Fish Food Pallets


The API Pallets are designed to sink slower than its contemporaries. Therefore, the risk of food going to waste by not being consumed by the fish and getting accumulated at the bottom is significantly reduced. Consequently, ammonia production is low. This means that a cleaner environment for the fish is ensured. Resultantly, caretakers need not worry about cleaning the aquarium or container every single day. Low ammonia content in the water also means reduced toxicity, which protects fish gills from damage. The risks of other illnesses and death are also minimized.

Key Feature:

Improves fish color
It contains green flakes that are essential for enhancing the color of guppy fish, making them appear bright and aesthetic.

Meets dietary requirements
API Food Pallets
cover the entire range of nutrients necessary for healthy sustenance of guppy life. They check all the nutritional needs and also contain elements that help boost immunity.


Cloudy water
It forms clouds in the water, which makes it difficult for the guppy fish to see their surroundings and locate food as well.

API Pallets
are a little expensive, which might come as a problem for a few people.  


Choosing the right food for your guppy fish is extremely important. Providing them with an ideal diet and a clean environment will only make them breed freely and more comfortably. It does not matter if you get guppy fish as a pet or for breeding; taking care of it is the only way by which either of these tasks can be accomplished reasonably. The food products mentioned above are the five best-reviewed food products for fish. Choosing a product from these will make sure that your fish receive all the nutrition that is essential for its upbringing. Today, fish breeding has increased a great deal, and fish food often goes out of stock; therefore, it is crucial to stick to a single diet for your fish. This will save you from the troubles of worrying about other products going out of stock. You will also be able to store these for times of crisis. The fish food is usually sent to fish farms and other cultivation lands where they are required in high quantity. However, many companies have taken it upon themselves to produce more fish products so that not only does the commercial fish benefit from it, but the home kept fish are equally valued. It is also crucial to have a good understanding of the needs of the guppy fish. For this purpose, the owners need first to build up their knowledge about these fish so that they can easily pick the right ingredients for them and also give the best care possible to them.

Hikari USA Tropical Fancy Guppyis the one which is recommended for most of the client coming to my shop. Commonly found across the globe, guppy fish form great companionship with humans if they are well fed and taken care of. Indeed, this can only be accomplished by choosing the right diet for them. Doing your research before picking out the food will be beneficial to the guppy fish and the owner.

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