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Building a home can be a tough job, especially when you have to consider all the things that can cause damage to it. While most people do understand the threats of rain, snow, and other weatherly disasters, they often fail to notice the problems that can be caused from within the house. Yes, mold is something that does not cross the mind of people very often, but it is also something that many homes face at least once after they are constructed. 

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Mold can grow literally anywhere in your house, and so should not be ignored at all. It can also lead to a number of health issues. Therefore, getting your home tested for mold is very important to do.

For this purpose, you need to have the best mold test kit at your service. We have listed down a list of the top best that you can try from.   

Why is mold testing necessary?

While you may think that you do not need mold testing, it is quite significant as you might not always know what to look for while looking for molds in your house. Furthermore, if you live in a dry environment with rarely any humid seasons, recognizing or feeling threatened by molds can be difficult. At the same time, not being allergic to molds also make people ignore them altogether.  However, the people who are allergic to it may suffer from coughing and skin rashes; more reasons why mold testing is so necessary. 

If you leave your home untested from mold, you can end up with several diseases like insomnia and asthma. You can also face permanent memory loss! 

Now, we agree that getting your mold tested by a professional can be expensive, given the sky-reaching rates in today’s times. Therefore, it is best if you do the testing on your very own. It is understandable to know that you might be worried about doing it wrong or not being the right person for the job, but if you have the right mold test kit, you can perform the testing like any professional would do!

Top 10 Best Mold Kits in Market

No#BEST MOLD TEST KITTestsRatingCheck Price
1DIY Mold kit, Mold testing kit34.4 Check Price
2MOLDetect – Accredited One Sample14.1 Check Price
3Seeml Labs DIY Mold test kit 34.3 Check Price
4MoldCheck Mold Test Kit104.0 Check Price
5Healthful Home Mold Test13.7 Check Price
6Instant Home Mold Test23.4 Check Price
7My Mold Detective MMD103 Mold Test Kit33.7 Check Price
8MyMold Detective MMD20553.9 Check Price
9 First Alert MT1 Mold Detection Kit64.1 Check Price
10 Mold Armor FG500 Do It Yourself Mold Test Kit33.7 Check Price

1. DIY Mold kit, Mold testing kit

If you are new to mold testing, you are more than likely to get scammed by companies. To prevent this, you should choose a brand that is widely recognized for its amazing service. The DIY Mold kit, Mold testing kit can be the right choice. Your mold sample is sent to a lab that has tested over 50,000 mold samples. Therefore, they are experienced people who will make sure that you get the right results. 


Unlike many instant testing kits that can test for only three molds, this kit can check for all kinds of molds. 

 In addition to this, the DIY mold kit, mold testing kit also comes with a comprehensive instructions list. These instructions guide you rightly of how you should be using the kit for testing mold in your home. Very often, you overlook a significant issue, but this kit will make sure that you are well aware of it.

 Your mold samples are sent to a lab where they are further tested, and the reports are shared with you directly unless, of course, you request otherwise. You are also able to get an expert’s help in understanding the mold results.  


Three tests for one price

If you are into saving money and getting the best output, you will be delighted to know that this kit comes with three available tests in it. This means that even if you are new to getting your homes tested for mold, you can mess up the first time but still have two left to carry out the correct testing.  

Thorough testing in a lab

Since your mold samples are sent to a lab for complete testing, you should rest assured that these testings are done in a detailed manner. The final results that you are provided with are incredibly accurate and brought to you after complete examination by expertise.  


It has been made clear that this kit will be providing you with the best and most accurate results. Despite this fact, the testing does not require a lot of money. The kit itself is not very expensive, and the lab testing is inexpensive as well. 


You don’t get immediate results

While it is true that getting immediate results can make the results quite inaccurate based on the speed they are delivered to you in, you are also not interested in waiting too long for it. That’s right. The lab results are delivered to you via mail, which makes the wait often too long if there is some problem at the mailing station. Another problem can be that your results get lost while being delivered and so never reach you at all. 

The kit does not include lab fee

This is true for only certain states. For others, the kit and the lab charges are combined and then presented to you. However, if you live in the states where the prices are not included together, you will have to pay separately for the two processes. It can be a little time consuming compared to paying one time alone, but it is still worth it.

  • Three tests for one price
  • Thorough testing in a lab
  • Inexpensive
  • You don’t get immediate results
  • The kit does not include lab fee

2. MOLDetect – Accredited One Sample Mold Test Kit

If you do not want to suffer from long term or short term illnesses, you have to get your house tested for molds. MOLDetect is another excellent way for you to carry out this test all by yourself. Available with a guide, this mold testing kit will tell you precisely what you need to do. The chances of getting into an accident or carrying out the test in an incorrect manner are so minimized.  


This kit follows the procedure of many DIY kits. You take the sample, send it to a lab, the lab does all the necessary tests, and then send the results back to you. 

The labs that test for molds are renowned for their hardworking and efficient workers that make sure that your results are as accurate as possible.  


It is a certified test

If you still have some doubts regarding why you should choose this kit, you will be happy to know that this kit has been certified by the  American Industrial Hygiene Association. It is, therefore, safe to say that this kit is reliable. 

The company gives you more than what you asked for

You might just be purchasing the mold test kit, but along with that, you also receive a pamphlet that tells you how you can deal with mold in your house. If this is not the epitome of customer service, we do not know what is. 

It is inexpensive

A lot of people refrain from getting their houses tested for molds because they fear that it will cost them a fortune. Not anymore! The MOLDetect does not only provide you with accurate results, but it also does no in a minimal amount of money. Therefore, now you should have no excuses to avoid getting your home tested and ending up with severe diseases. 


It comes with only one sample reading

Unlike the previously mentioned kit, this one comes with just one sample reading. However, you should not worry because it also comes with a detailed explanation of how you can carry out the test.

Collecting samples can be tough

The samples in this kit are obtained through a tape collector, which can be tricky for a few users. However, if you pay attention to the guidelines, you will find out that it not that difficult.

  • The company gives you more than what you asked for
  • It is a certified test
  • It is inexpensive
  • It comes with only one sample reading
  • Collecting samples can be tough

3. Seeml Labs DIY Mold test kit  

This pretty simple DIY mold test kit is going to ease you from the stress of not taking the samples in the right manner. Not only is it easy to understand, but it has many exciting features to it as well that makes it impossible to ignore.  To test for mold, all you need to do is collect air samples and send them to a lab for further examination. You will be notified about the results soon afterward.


Not only does this kit tells you what type of mold you have, but it also shows you the index score. The lab that tests for these samples is also certified, and so it will not disappoint you at all.  

Once the samples have been sent for examination, you should be expecting to get a response within 48 hours. Yes, it provides you with a quick service so that you do not have to wait a long time and suffer at the hands of possible mold.   

You can also get experts’ opinions and help with your problem, which makes the use of this kit easier.  


All charges included

If you have been looking for a mold detector kit for a while now, you would know that not all of them include the price of lab testing. This makes the user get in the fuss of payments twice, and it sometimes even costs extra. With this kit, however, you do not have to worry about regular payments as it comes with all charges already being included in the final price.  

You get three tests

Three tests (Petri dish types) are made available to the users. This makes the kit even more useful to purchase.


It only works for surface molds

Yes, this kit is quite useful in obtaining accurate results, but these results can only be expected from the surface molds. All the other types of mold, for example, the air molds, are way out of the question here. The mold polluted air molecules are strictly not detectable by this kit. 

  • All charges included
  • You get three tests
  • It only works for surface molds

 4. MoldCheck Mold Test Kit

This kit allows you to test houses and apartments to determine which room or rooms have mold present in it. It is a simple to use product which can help you out in many ways possible. The brand MOldCheck has a number of other similar products as well, all of which are highly reputed for their excellent services.


It comes with multiple tests, which means that you can test for mold in a number of different rooms without worrying about the kit finishing. You will also find this to be useful since purchasing more than one kit can be expensive. 

While it is true that all mold testers will find traces of mold here and there, this kit will make sure that you also find the source of the mold. This means that not only do you get aware of the rooms mold is present in, but it also tells you through multiple testing which room has the most mold present.   

It also gives you the liberty of reading the charts yourself and understanding them. 


No waiting required

Since you do all the tests by yourself, you do not have to have for the lab report. This saves so much time and helps you take immediate action if mold is detected.  

No lab fees

Another great advantage of using this kit is that you do not have to pay for the lab charges since you will be carrying out the tests. It is a blessing for your pockets.

Most sample tests

We have already mentioned that you are provided with multiple tests, which means that you can easily carry these tests out in different parts of your house without any hesitation. Also, these sample tests are more than any other brand will ever offer to you, so it can be a fair purchase to make. 


Different interpretations

Since you will be carrying out the tests by yourself and without any expert’s help, there is a chance that you might end up with a varying interpretation of your results. Moreover, you might not be able to read and understand the results by yourself. This can create many problems and result in you making the wrong decisions for your house and your health.

  • No waiting required
  • No lab fees
  • Most sample tests
  • Different interpretations

5. Healthful Home Mold Test

This product will save you from a lot of trouble for sure. It is shaped like a pen and is passed over surfaces to detect the presence of molds. It is a great way to identify molds more efficiently and quickly. 


Thanks to its fantastic creation and thoughtful processing, the Healthful Home Mold Test is smartly shaped like a pen. This appearance makes it easier to handle and hence use. 

It also contains a simple line design for molds, which makes it a lot easier to read and interpret. 


It works for everything

Not only is this test kit suitable for surface mold, but it is also ideal for air molds. This means that you do not have to purchase two different kits for the detection of different types of molds.   

No lab or shipping cost

Again, all the tests are going to be performed by you, and so by no means will you be paying for the insane shipping bills and lab testing. 


No precise answers

While this test kit is suitable for you in many ways, it does not tell you which type of mold is present in your house. Now, this does not mean that it has a problem detecting mold because it does that brilliantly, but it cannot detect the exact name of the mold.  

One-time use

You may think that using a pen for the detection of mold look like fun, but it is to know that this fun will end after just one-time usage. You will have to buy another pen if you ever need to run a test for molds in your house. 

  • It works for everything
  • No lab or shipping cost
  • No precise answers
  • One-time use

6.Instant Home Mold Test

Many people assume that home molds do not give the right results. However, what is essential to know is that it depends upon the quality of the mold test kit you are using, which determines whether or not your results will right. The Instant Home Mold Test has been designed specially to make sure that there are no problems faced while carrying out the tests. 


This product will detect the molds easily for you thanks to its fantastic feature that allows it to change color upon contact with mold. You just need to swag it across the region where you want to test mold for, and if the results are positive, the swab end will change its color. 

It is also a quick method and will provide you with the results in one minute only, which means that you do not have to leave your house to send the sample to the lab first. It will save you both money and time.    



Unlike the many kits available in the market today, this one is by far the most affordable. Due to the fact that it does not require lab testing or other protocols, it has been created in a way that it is purchased at a reduced amount only.

Comes with two testing pens

While there are kits that provide you with just one pen, this one provides you with two. If one goes out of function, the other will be there to save the day. It further saves you from the fuss of buying new pens each time one stops working. 


Money to get an expert’s advice

There is no doubt that testing for mold using this is pretty simple. However, if you are interested in getting it approved by an expert or get his or her advice, you will have to pay for it. This is quite fair as they will be providing you with their assistance and will so require you to pay some amount of money. 

Separate lab fees

Another vital thing to know about this kit is that though it gives you accurate results if you want to send the samples to a lab, you will have to pay for it too. It can get a little expensive, therefore.    

  • Affordable
  • Comes with two testing pens
  • Money to get an expert’s advice
  • Separate lab fees

7. My Mold Detective MMD103 Mold Test Kit

The seventh mold test kit that we have is the My Mold Detective MMD103 Mold Test Kit. This kit will ensure that your time is not wasted on finding mold and will also provide you with the best results possible. It comes with a set of instructions, which, if followed, will help you use the kit in the right manner and more efficiently.  


The instructions that come along with the entire kit are very easy to understand and will give you enough knowledge to get your houses tested for mold all by yourself. 

It contains an internal timer which only works for five minutes at one time. This allows you to not worry about leaving the kit active for too long as it will shut down after five minutes. An advantage of it is that the kit requires only 5 minutes to work mostly. If it needs some more time, in particular conditions, then you just have to use the kit again and get your final results without any hindrances.  


It is reusable

This is perhaps the most important thing about this kit and has been the reason why people love it so much. We cannot stress enough how beneficial it is to have a kit that is reusable and does not require you to change it now and then. 

Variety of air testing

There are kits with a problem of testing air molds, and then we have this kt. It does not only test for mold, but it also tests for both indoor and outdoor mold. This is another reason why you should consider this kit while purchasing the right mold test kit for your house or apartment. 


Takes outside sample for comparison

It is good to know that this product will test for both indoor and outdoor molds, but what troubles the users is that t requires a comparison too. This means that you cannot hope to get a complete and right result for your mold test if you do not take the outside sample into considerations. 

Have to be sent for lab testing

Now this problem means that your time and money both will be spent in order to use this kit. However, t will be worth the trouble. 

  • It is reusable
  • Variety of air testing
  • Have to be sent for lab testing
  • Have to be sent for lab testing
  • Takes outside sample for comparison

8. MyMold Detective MMD205 Accessory Pack Mold Test Kit

This product is liked by many experts. The reason behind its general liking is that it does not only test for molds. It can also test the air for allergens and dust. This makes it a valuable asset that many people like to treasure.


The MyMold Detective MMD205 comes with an accessory pack. With the help of it, you can look for mold in other rooms as well. It saves you from the threat of not being able to identify mold in your house. 

In case you have seasonal allergies, you can use this kit to test different rooms. While most kits are able to be used for one room only or many even a maximum of 2 rooms, this one can check mold in a total of five rooms. 


Professional results

What is better than to have professional results being obtained in your very own house? It does not only provide you with a sense of satisfaction but also protects you from any mold that might have caused severe damage to your body if it had been left undetected. While mostly all the mold tests are conducted to ensure that there are no molds in the house, it is good to know that the tests taking place will be providing you with the right results. 

The tests can be repeated

Many people are not satisfied with their first results. This is because thy do not trust he kits well enough. Even though you should not worry about the accuracy of the test, rest assured you can conduct the test several times. This will also help provide you with an average result, which will more than likely have the chance of being right.  


Issues with orders

You will have to check the parcel and count all the items present in it. Very often, it has complained that the product does not contain everything that was ordered. While this is s a serious issue, you can quickly solve it by ensuring that everything is present in the package at the very start. This way, you will be able to return it and will also save you from any sort of future troubles like loss of time and money. 

  • Professional results
  • The tests can be repeated
  • Issues with orders

9. First Alert MT1 Mold Detection Kit

This mold test kit might be the one you were looking for. It has several features that make it once of the most desired kits on the market. It helps detect the mold, which is a microscopic fungus that can eat organic substances. This makes the mold extremely dangerous. The people who are health concourse and the people who are not, all should give a try to this mold test kit.   


Everything that you might need for a complete test practice is already present in the kit. It comes with six test tapes, the mail-in envelope, three polybags, test cards, and many other useful items. This means that the customer does not have to buy any other add-ons and just purchase the kit. Further problems are reduced. 

It has been developed in a manner that explains quite easily which type of mold is present in your house. This makes it clear to you that what exactly you are dealing with and allows you to take actions accordingly. 


Test nine locations

With the liberty of being able to test nine places, you are given the opportunity of not missing out on any mold that might have surfaced your place. If you do not find any mold, you can then be calm and not worry about it being present in some other part of the house as this kit helps cover almost all of the house very easily.  

The analysis is completed by a lab

To make sure that your test results are accurate, they are sent to a lab that is certified to carry out such tests. This lab will make sure that the results you receive are nor fabricated in any for possible. 


Money for lab testing

This has been mentioned previously as well that lab testing requires a certain amount of money. While this is not a negative point, many people think that it is unfair since they have already paid for the kit. 

  • Test nine locations
  • The analysis is completed by a lab
  • Money for lab testing

10. Mold Armor FG500 Do It Yourself Mold Test Kit

Everyone is interested in saving money but also to get an excellent service. If you are into this as well, then the Mold Armor FG500 might be the one for you. It allows you to carry out the test in your home all by yourself and also gives accurate results. It is like a dream mold tester kit!


This kit requires you to wait for 48 hours after completing the test. Once this test is over, you will be presented with your results in a petri dish. This means that the petri dish will show whether or not mold is present inside your house.   


Can be used anywhere

With this product, you do not have to worry about not being able to test certain places in your house. This is because the   Mold Armor FG500 Do It Yourself Mold Test Kit can test for mold in any part of your house with great ease. 

Easy to use

The final good thing that you need to know about this product is that it is user-friendly. Operating with machines or scientific products can be a difficult thing for many people, especially if you can get ill if you do not carry out the test correctly and mess up the results. Therefore, the creators of this kit have kept the usage very easy and understandable.  


May need to make multiple purchases

This might be a nightmare for a few people because having to purchase more than one kits can get a little expensive. However, this will have to be done since one kit will not be able to function for multiple places.  


As mentioned above, it will require 48 hours to provide you with a result. This time is wasted as the mold can cause severe damage in this time frame, especially if you are testing for mold once it has been too late.  

  • Can be used anywhere
  • Easy to use
  • May need to make multiple purchases
  • Time-consuming

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