Ways to clean your aquarium without hurting the fishes

Except if you have an exceptionally little tank or bowl, you don’t have to expel your fish while you’re doing water changes. 

Fish care for being upset and expelling them can cause pressure. In the event that you completely need to, keep them in similar water as their aquarium. 

In a perfect world, you ought to do substantially more incessant incomplete water changes even with a little aquarium. 

Standard support and water changes are inevitable in the event that you need to keep cheerful and a sound fish. It doesn’t make a difference how great your filter is, you need to do it. 

Permitting your tank to get grimy will cause the development of unsafe microscopic organisms and make the ideal condition for infection to flourish. What’s more, managing sick fish is much harder than cleaning your aquarium once per week or like clockwork. There are different ways to clean you aquarium without hurting the fishes as listed below: 

  • Do I need to remove everything from my fish tank? 

For cleaning, you don’t need to take everything out from your aquarium. It makes additional work and enormous chaos you don’t need to manage. Each surface in your aquarium will develop some valuable microorganisms, and expelling your improvements may murder off a portion of these microscopic organisms and diminish the nature of your filtration for some time. 

  • Green growth cushion or magnet 

Get your green growth cushion or magnet and run it alongside the glass, be mindful so as to clean as meager as could be expected under the circumstances. 

It’s ideal to utilize a committed green growth cushion or magnet, not a wipe or scrubber from your kitchen. It could contain cleanser or cleaning synthetic concoctions that will hurt your fish. 

On the off chance that you have an acrylic aquarium, you’ll need to ensure whatever you use won’t scratch it. Utilizing your green growth cushion, softly clean your enrichments. In case you’re truly battling, you can expel them. 

  • Things to avoid 

There are certain things that you need to avoid and that are the usage of harmful liquid like bleach or bubbling water. This is going to execute your advantageous microorganisms or, in the event that you use dye, poison your fish.

Utilizing your green growth cushion, softly clean your enrichments. In case you’re truly battling, you can expel them. 

  • Filter

Contingent upon the sort and nature of filter that you use, you should clean and now and then change the medium in your water channel. 

The most well-known sort of channel is a wipe filter. To clean this, you should evacuate it and flush it out in the container of water that you have expelled from the tank. 

You should avoid running your filter under the faucet water, since it evacuates the gainful microscopic organisms which are beneficial for your aquarium. 

Whatever other channels which go about as a mechanical channel, as a wipe does (fired rings, channel fiber, and so on) ought to likewise be flushed and returned as fast as conceivable to abstain from losing the microscopic organisms settlements. 

On the off chance that your filter contains carbon, smelling salts safeguards, or, particle trade gums it will require supplanting each couple of weeks since it will not, at this point have the option to ingest materials. 

You should likewise clean the remainder of the filter, including the tubing; utilize a channel brush for this.

  • Live plants and Algae eating occupants: 

Adding live plants into your aquarium tank will help in mitigating the algae from your tank, also you can add algae eating fishes. These fishes are responsible of keeping the green substance from growing in the tank. 


Normal water changes are one of the most significant parts of keeping up a sound domain for your fish to flourish. If there is an egg laid on gravel. You should keep your distance while cleaning it and not accidentally suck it up by a vacuum. 

Scrubbing your fish tank ought not to be a relentless assignment, the way to keeping your fish tank spotless is customary and progressing upkeep. 

Incomplete water changes are one of the most significant parts of guaranteeing your fish remain sound and upbeat. Making incomplete water changes guarantees that the microorganisms’ provinces, which are fundamental for your aquarium, are not expelled or harmed. 

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