How much gravel for aquarium

Keeping an aquarium around you is a huge commitment. If you have decided to make one, you should be familiar with the essential items that you need along with it. While everyone would tell you about the filters and air pumps, there is another crucial thing to add to your aquarium. That thing is gravel. It is the substrate used to cover the base of the aquarium. You can use soil or rocks too, but gravel is the most popular substrate to be used. This medium will be brilliant for your fish as well as your plants. It will ensure that a healthy environment is provided to marine life in your aquarium. Choosing gravel over other substrates is the first important decision.

When you are sure that you want to add gravel in your aquarium,  you need to know exactly how much gravel your aquarium requires. For this, you would have to take note of a few things. These factors would help you pick the right amount without wasting any gravel at all. If you pay close attention to the demands, you would not have to make another round to the market.  

The fish

It highly depends upon your fish how much you gravel you should add in the aquarium. Some fish prefer some grave while others, who like to dig into it, enjoy a deeper layer. You should familiarize yourself with the interests of the fish you are planning to keep in your aquarium. 

The plants

If you are thinking about keeping artificial plants, then you do not have to worry about the amount of gravel. However, if you are going to keep a plant with a proper root system, you might want to consider adding the gravel accordingly. Usually, large plants need a deeper layer of gravel. 

Size and decorations

Another significant thing to note while adding gravel to your aquarium is the size of the tank. If you have a small tank, it would require a lesser amount of gravel as compared to a larger aquarium. Similarly, the decorations also play a vital role in making the correct decision. A lot of decorations will look better with more gravel. If you are interested in keeping minimal decorative material, you should add less amount of gravel to the aquarium too. 


Once you have noted all of the above points, making a decision would be easy. If you are new to the aquariums, you must be quite confused and overwhelmed. To make things simpler for you, start with two inches of gravel. This much gravel would be enough for any freshwater aquarium. It is an excellent initial step and will let you know if you need more of it. In addition to this, you should take exact measurements of your aquarium and then choose according to it too. You will discover that finding how much gravel your aquarium requires is not a tricky thing once you have decided to be serious at the job. 

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