How to clean aquarium plants

When you buy an aquarium, you have to make sure that you keep it cleaned for the fish. Not only is the aquarium supposed to be clean but the decorations present in it shoud be cleaned regularly as well. For example, the plants in the aquarium look beautiful when you buy them, but if you do not take care of them, they will not suit its location. Moreover, they can even harm the fish swimming in the tank. If you are not familiar with how aquarium plants are to be cleaned, you might find this article to be useful. If you have artificial plants or real ones, you will find the right method to clean them below.

Artificial plants

Many people assume that artificial plants are easier to clean since they cannot be killed. While this is true to some extent, it does not mean that these artificial plants cannot get damaged because of intense scrubbing. One way to remove the debris that might have fallen on the leaves is by the use of your hands. If this method does t work, you can take the plant out and do a cleansing of it in water. In case that does not work either, you can always use an aquarium-safe algae pad. Gently scrub it on the debris, and it will come off in no time.  

While these small issues are quite easy to handle, removing algae overgrowth is a tricky part. Very often, the use of an algae pad does not work. You will then have to rely on a bleach solution. Make ure that you do not bleach the plant for too long, for it can affect the color of the plant. After ten minutes of bleaching, the problem can be resolved.

Real plants

While cleaning live plants is much harder than cleaning artificial plants, they follow the same procedure. The small debris has to be removed using gentle hands. If that does not work, then taking the plant out and scrubbing it would do the job. However, if the algae overgrowth has exceeded, you can always bleach the plant. You might have heard mna misconceptions about this matter since people do not know that bleaching is a possibility too. Use a 10-percent bleach solution and do not add the plant in it for more than 5 minutes. Your plant would be cleaner than ever. 


Many people are under the impression that cleaning aquarium plants are a difficult process. If you are determined to make your aquarium aesthetically pleasing, you will not regret cleaning the plants. There is no best way to clean it as it depends upon the amount of algae growth. You can use any one of the three ways depending on the algae that need to be removed. If the algae have had an overgrowth, the only solution left would be bleaching. You might feel like artificial plants and live plants have the same methods, but you must be more careful with the live plants since they can get killed quite easily.  

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