If you want to maintain the beauty of your aquarium you might need a lot of colourful fishes, and exotic aquarium plants. But that’s not all, you need to keep your aquarium sand clean to give it a captivating look. You need to remove waste that hovers around the aquarium. 

Many wills, in general, feel that sand is a greater problem to clean than rock since it’s truly fine, however, cleaning or keeping up it is really very little not quite the same as how aquarium rock is cleaned. 

For the most part, cleaning the aquarium sand can be an arduous task for someone with no expertise. But we have listed down the smart ways to maintain your aquarium sand clean. 

The time that it would take to clean up an aquarium is contingent upon your aquarium size. It might take 10 minutes or an hour. 

Rock vacuum 

Rock vacuums are superbly straightforward gadgets that keep aquarium sand and rock clean. 

Rock vacuums regularly comprise of a plastic siphon connected to a range of airline tubing. To utilize the vacuum you basically lower it in the water and make suction that draw water from the tank, taking care of it through the cylinder into a vessel. Substrate sinks down to the aquarium base when the sand drifts up the cylinder and into a vessel. Rock is simpler to vacuum than sand since it’s heavier. 

This is listed as one of the most used techniques that people generally use. Since it’s easy and doesn’t take a lot of time. 

Sand sifting occupants 

The best way to keep your sand clean is to add fishes such as Starfish, and Corydoras catfish to name a few. These fishes are known as sand sifting occupants

These fishes have gained massive popularity when it comes to cleaning the aquarium. So we would highly suggest you add these sand sifting occupants into your aquarium. Not only starfish is a beautiful fish to keep but, also it plays a vital role in cleansing your aquarium sand.  

These fishes can easily over around the aquarium and assist you to keep the tank clean. 

Use spatula 

Using a spatula is an interesting and commonly used tool while cleaning the aquarium sand. Since it’s readily available it can save you much of an effort and time. These spatulas have an extra-long handle.

You can without much of a stretch spin up the aquarium sand and acquire any polluting influences the lower sand layers to sunshine. With the assistance of an aquarium hose, these debasements would now be able to be effectively separated. With the spatula, you would then be able to smoothen out any crookedness on the aquarium sand.

Utilize tower snails 

Presumably, the least demanding approach to keep your aquarium sand in the profound layers as free as conceivable from polluting influences and yellow/green stains is to utilize tower snails

Obviously, the utilization of these screws must be considered cautiously: They should coordinate your other aquarium occupants and your water esteems should likewise coordinate the favoured estimations of the creatures – the last being valid much of the time at any rate, as tower snails have low water prerequisites and are agreeable in practically any delicate or hard fluid. Tower-spread snails dive themselves into the sand-soil of your aquarium for the greatest part during the day. They extricate this up. 

Fluval Plus 

If you don’t like siphoning there is a way through which you clean your aquarium sand. Equipment called Fluval Plus helps you to trap waste and put back freshwater into the aquarium or it can connect with a hose to flush out the dirty water while you’re changing. It is a battery-oriented tool. It is highly appropriate for sand or rock, simply drift the gadget somewhat higher if cleaning fine sand.


On the off chance that you will, in general, have a ton of green growth in your aquarium or need to bring down the measure of waste it produces, you might need to consider adding snails or shrimp to the tank. There are a few varieties of fishes that can keep a tank clean by eating extra food, dead plant matter, or potentially green growth. 

You need to consider replacing the old water with fresh water twice a month. With this recurrence, you can keep your aquarium sand clean. 

We have listed down the best ways to keep aquarium sand clean and we hope that it will help in your cleaning venture. 


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