How to Lower pH in Your Aquarium

The aquarist needs to know how essential it is to take care of every need of a fish. Not only are they supposed to provide good food to the fish, but they should also make sure that the water is clean. In addition to this, the water should have a set pH that the fish can thrive in. While some fish survive in high pHs, others prefer a low pH. In case you have high pH water with fish that prefer low pH settings, you should be familiar with the ways of resolving the issue. The following are the different methods through which you can lower the pH.

Add Peat Moss

Using peat moss to lower the pH of your aquarium is one of the natural ways about the problem. The fact that it is also very readily available at all pet stores in different forms adds to the convenience bought by it. You should make sure that you do not add Peat Moss directly into the aquarium, for it can leave color. The best way is to add it to the filter.

Add Driftwood

Driftwood is something that you can find in a natural water body. You should add a piece of it in the water, and it will even help in the filtration. It will also produce large amounts of tannin that help in the lowering of pH levels in the aquarium. One thing to take care of is that the Driftwood should be well cleaned before it is added to the water. This way, it will not leave behind any colors.

Add Almond leaves

Another way to reduce the pH in your aquarium is by adding almond leaves. They have multiple uses like curing fish diseases, providing a refreshing look, and of course, lowering the pH. You should soak the leaves in water before adding them to the aquarium to prevent any color from being added along with the leaves.

Change water partially every day

One of the reasons why an aquarium has a high pH is the production of ammonia in the tank. To prevent this, you should change the water daily. This way, you can stop waste from being accumulated inside the aquarium and have a maintained pH always. 

Decrease aeration

Many people do not know this, but reducing the aeration of an aquarium is also a method to lower pH. A decrease in pH encourages the increase of carbon dioxide in the water, which ultimately increases the pH. However, you will have to be careful while performing this because your fish need water and will die in a lack of it. 


Above were a few ways through which you can lower the pH in your aquarium. These methods are used by people across the world and have proved to be quite useful. You can find several positive reviews of these methods online that will further help you in choosing any one of them. In case you are not sure which method to use, you should try to decrease the aeration of the aquarium. It is a cheap and easy method that promises excellent results. You will not be let down. 

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