Hydor 75w Hydrokable Substrate Heater

Hydor 75w Hydrokable Substrate Heater

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Hydor 75w Hydrokable Substrate Heater
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Product Review

Hydor 75W Hydrokable Substrate Heaters are one of the best seller products of Hydor which are known for the perfectly even heating of your aquariums. They are usually suited best for tropical aquariums and terrariums to provide a comfortable and warm environment to your aquatic animals. The good thing about these heaters is that they come with suction cups for perfect positioning without causing any disturbance to your animals. I am sure your animals won’t be bothered with these heaters as they would rather consider them as their new toy to have fun and play with.

Guaranteed Uniform Heating

The basic purpose of any heater is definitely providing the uniform heating inside your aquarium and this is where Hydor 75W Hydrokable Substrate Heaters are very good at. You will definitely be greatly satisfied with the regular and even heating provided by these heaters which will also make your animals quite happier too. The heater operates in such a way that it produces slow water circulation through its material at the bottom of the tank which results in a natural effect of the water-bearing stratum. Or in short, you can say this heater helps to keep the substrate warm to improve circulation in the substrate. Thus, it gives a feeling of a real ocean to your animals making them more comfortable and relaxed inside the aquariums.

Works Perfectly Under Water or a Dry Habitat

This feature is yet another good thing that you hardly find with other heaters I must say. Hydor 75W Hydrokable Substrate Heaters works perfectly fine in both situations; when fully submerged in the water or kept in a dry habitat. It is completely safe to operate in both conditions as it comes with double silicone insulation. This insulation assures the safety factor completely for both, the aquatic animals as well as the aquariums and terrariums.

Suction Cups Used for Positioning

If you are a regular user of aquariums and heaters, you must know about the importance of suction cups which are of great help for the perfect positioning of heaters. This helps to keep your heater in place especially when you have animals of aggressive nature. So, the suction cups will also assure you the safety of your animals as well as your aquarium. Another plus point of suction cups is that your animals will stay at peace as they won’t be bothered with an additional external device to be kept with them. You can also buy additional suction cups in case you need more precise results or tank is quite larger than your expectations.

Best Option for Planted Tanks

This is yet another eye catching feature as not every heater is suitable for planted tanks available out there in the market. This adds a great deal of giving very natural environment to your aquatic animals especially when you have newly brought them. In fact, you would also love to see your plants thriving inside the tank quite quickly as compared to the other tanks where real plants are very hard to even maintain.

Tank Capacity

Hydor 75W Hydrokable Substrate Heaters are best suited for different tank capacities ranging from 32 gallons to 52 gallons of tank with power of 75wattage. However, this is the defined capacity only while it has worked perfectly fine for greater tank capacities too. You can even use it for up to 120 gallons of tank as well with almost similar results as you would see in the smaller tanks. Along with this, you can also add a wire of higher wattage power if you desire. So, this is something huge and must be applauded for the great manufacturing of these heaters. 

Highly Durable with Longer Life

Hydor 75W Hydrokable Substrate Heaters are supposed to have longer life than many other heaters comparatively which is also a very attractive factor to buy this for your animals. It is because heaters with smaller life require more maintenance or frequent replacement which causes a lot of disruption and disturbance to your animals. They will even get cranky and upset so choosing a heater with high durability with long life also gives a good enough relief to your animals as well to yourself too. 

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