What Fish Can Live with Cichlids

What Fish Can Live with Cichlids?

Most people really don’t have much interest in keeping a tankful of only one kind of fish, so they need variety in their aquarium. If you are a fan of Cichlids, knowing what fish can live with them is very important. Loricariids are acceptable in most cases. These pleco-type fish are sometimes called “armored catfish” are are able to withstand all but the most aggressive Cichlids. Fishes of similar size as your Cichlids may also be suited to share an aquarium with them. Remember that size is often an important factor when combining fishes. They could include Clown Loach, Red-Tailed Black Shark, Tri-Colored Shark and Bala Shark.

What Fish Can Live with Cichlids Dwarf Cichlids on the other hand can be kept with almost any other small, peaceful species that requires the same water and feeding conditions. Some of the best fish to be kept with Cichlids are the Corydoras species, schools of tetras, Angelfish, Discus, Hatchet Fish, and Pencil Fish are all ideal tankmates for Cichlids. They are similar in size and peaceful enough that they should be fine. Anytime time you do add new fish to a tank you should be extra vigilante for trouble the first few days.

As I was researching this post about “What Fish Can Live with Cichlids”, one little tidbit of information that I found was that adding fish to a tank that are compatible with Cichlids may help shy Cichlids gain a sense of security. Adding a school of active fish that swim in the open water can go a long way in bring shy fish out. Schooling fish used for this purpose are known as dither fish. The theory behind it is if the shy fish sees that these fish are not running away or being eaten it assumes it must be safe for them to come out.

When figuring out what fish can live with Cichlids the basic are any schooling fish that can tolerate the same water conditions and is not so small that it may be viewed as food would do. For Dwarf Cichlids any small and peaceful schooling fish like Cardinal Tetra or Neon Tetra are good. Rainbow fishes are often used for this purpose in African Cichlids tanks. Large Danios and Barbs for bigger Cichlids. For the biggest of the Cichlids Silver Dollars are often used.

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