What Fish Can Live With Goldfish ?

People need to realize that they cannot add any fish in their goldfish tank. It is essential to know what type of fish will suit a goldfish. For this, you need to make sure that either does the new fish eat the goldfish, nor does the goldfish eat the new fish. Very often, people make an irrational decision and purchase any fish they set their eyes on. This only causes our aquarium to experience the deaths of several different fish. 

If you are tired of seeing only goldfish swimming around in your fish tank and are interested in buying some new variety, you can find a lot of them. You just need to be quite cautious in making sure that the fish you choose is the right one. If you are confused and want some help, the following is the list of all those fish that you can keep in your fish tank along with your goldfish. For your ease, we have also mentioned those fish that you cannot have with your goldfish. 

Another goldfish

Adding more goldfish to your fish tank that already contains goldfish can be a reliable option. You need to make sure that the goldfish are of the same size and variety. This way, the present goldfish will be able to mate with the new goldfish. One thing to keep in mind is that the fish should be such that it can easily mate with your goldfish. Otherwise, since a goldfish is an omnivore, it can eat the new fish in the tank.

On the other hand, if the two goldfish mate together, you will be able to have even more beautiful goldfish in your aquarium. Another significant thing to note is that your fish has enough space to move around. If our already present goldfish feels congested, it might ruin the overall healthy environment of the fish tank.

 White Cloud Mountain Minnows

For those of you who do not know, the White Cloud Mountain Minnows fish are cold-water fish. This means that they can easily adjust to the usual water conditions of a fish tank containing goldfish. They will be good company for each other. Since this particular specie is a schooling fish, you have to make sure that you purchase more than one for health purposes. A schooling fish cannot survive on its own and needs the support of similar fish to function nicely. If you are thinking about buying this fish, you should invest a little more because only then your fish will live a happy life. A reason as to why you should buy the White Cloud Mountain Minnows is that t swims pretty fast. It can hardly ever become a pre at the hands of the goldfish. You will enjoy seeing the two species of fish living together. 

 Rosy Barbs

In case you are looking for a fish species that is similar to goldfish, you should consider buying the Rosy Barbs. They thrive in the same water conditions as the goldfish, and they even grow to a similar size as goldfish. They can reach a size of 4 to 6 inches. This allows them to be big enough not to become prey to the goldfish. In addition to this, they are not aggressive at all. You can rest assured that they will not attack your goldfish ever.

Another thing to keep in mind regarding the Rosy Barbs is that they, too, are schooling fish. You should keep them in a group of six or else they will not survive. People notice deteriorating health if these fish are not bought and kept in a group.

 Rubbernose and Bristlenose Plecos

If you are looking for the fish that can prove to be quite versatile, you should pay closer attention to the Rubbernose and Bristlenose Plecos. These fish are not violent in any way possible and will stay away from your goldfish. Not only this, but they also spend their time eating algae off of rocks and grass. In this way, the water in your fish tank stays clean. You achieve two vital things if you buy these fish. However, you would want to stay away from the common plecos. People have reported that these particular plecos suck the slime coat off of the goldfish. The Rubbernose and Bristlenose Plecos, on the other hand, will be a decent choice. 

 Weather or Dojo Loaches

Another fantastic fish that you can look into is the Weather or Doja Loaches. It is a cold-water fish, which means that it can quickly adapt to your fish tank that contains goldfish. One thing to note is that this fish, too, like many other species, is a schooling fish. You should keep it in a group so that it does not suffer from any problems. In addition to this, the Dojo Loaches love to dig. You should make sure that your fish tank has enough gravel or sand that the fish can dig into. Furthermore, this fish requires a lot of space to move around. It is not comfortable living in a small space, so you should only think about buying it if you have an ample enough fish tank to keep it along with your goldfish. 

 Zebra Danios

The Zebra Danios is a swift fish. It can easily outswim your goldfish and so are safe from the threat of getting attacked. However, you would not want to keep this fish with the fancy goldfish because since they are way faster, they can also finish all the food of the goldfish. In this way, your goldfish might stay hungry without you realizing it. Apart from this, you should keep your Zebra Danios in a group of six because they are schooling fish and cannot survive otherwise. 

 Apple Snails

While most freshwater snail species cannot survive in captivation, the Apple Snails are an exception. They can live in an environment that suits the goldfish, and so are another amazing specie that you can keep with your goldfish. Not only this, but they also prove to be exceptional mates for the goldfish. Your goldfish might want to eat the Apple Snails, but they will not be able to do it thanks to the hard shell of the snail. However, you should add this snail in the fish tank when the goldfish is still young so that it can grow up being used to the snail. 

 Ghost and Cherry Shrimp

The Ghost and Cherry Shrimp will prove to be excellent partners for your goldfish. Even though the Ghost shrimps are usually used as food for other fish, they have no danger with the goldfish. In addition to this, they are a calm specie and will not hurt your goldfish in any way possible. On the other hand, Cherry shrimp is also a great choice. It will eat the algae present in the water tank, making it cleaner than ever. You do not have to spend money on the food of this shrimp because it will have it covered on its own. If you buy these shrimps, you should also buy many caves and other decorations so that they can hide away in them sometimes and survive for a longer time. 

List of fish you should not have with your goldfish  

Common Plecos

As we have mentioned above, the Common Plecos, unlike the other Plecos, tends to suck the slime coat off of the goldfish. This harms your goldfish and causes its death.


They are aggressive fish that are famous for sucking the slime coat off of the goldfish. You should avoid this if you want the safety of your goldfish. 


While goldfish itself are predators, they are not as aggressive as the Cichlids. Not only do they attack other fish, but they also maintain a hostile relation with other fish too.


Bettas are some aggressive fish when compared to goldfish. This means that they will attack goldfish when provided with the opportunity. If not kill, at least nip at their fins, which is still dangerous for the goldies. Besides, bettas prefer to thrive in warmer water conditions so that they wouldn’t do well in the 65F to 75F temperature range anyway.

Different Goldfish Species

The fancy species of goldfish are known to be particularly slow and fragile. Therefore, not only do they struggle in claiming food when put together with common goldfish but also fail to defend themselves when attacked. Combined with the fact that common goldies do tend to attack fancy goldfish makes it clear that this pairing is best not done.


First and foremost, tetras prefer warmer water conditions to live in. Therefore, keeping them at a temperature suitable for goldfish would be unfair. Secondly, tetras like a clean water environment- a task that is incredibly challenging to accomplish with goldfish. Since goldfish are an extremely messy specie, they create a water environment that tetras find it challenging to cope with.


Yet again, temperature conditions required for mollies and goldfish are not compatible. Mollies, being tropical fish, prefer to live in warmer water conditions and get stressed if placed in cold water. Plus, these are an aggressive species. They will, for sure, attack any goldfish in sight and injure it. Therefore, it is not a good idea to pair these two kinds together.


Goldfish are not easy fish to keep. They are demanding in their own right. And therefore, you must consider several things before setting out to buy a few of these fish. Perhaps, the most important thing you should ensure is the size of the water tank. While it might sound too much, but goldfish indeed require 20-gallons of water each. This is because the goldfish isn’t a streamlined species. They are chunky and therefore struggle to cut through the water. This ultimately results in them requiring more oxygen to thrive, which is only possible if they are kept in a large waterbody.

Moreover, goldfish grow to big sizes, as compared to many other breeds. A healthy and happy goldfish can grow up to 8 inches in length, which also means that to allow a fish of this kind to grow freely, you would have to give it space. It has been tried and observed that a goldfish kept in a 5-gallon tank thrives, however, not ideally. The fish remains stressed and short with a briefer lifespan. On the other hand, goldfish that have been provided with ample room to grow can live up to 20 human years.

Another reason why you should be careful about the tank size is that, as mentioned above, goldfish are messy. A smaller tank means that they will pollute their environment sooner, and it makes their own living atmosphere stressful and unhygienic. If you feel like you’ll be able to keep up with these fish in terms of cleaning, you are wrong. It is nearly impossible to clean the tank as frequently a required if it is small and has goldfish in it. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, get a 20-gallon fish tank for one goldfish, and keep adding 10-gallons for each new goldfish that you add.

With this clear, it should be much easier to build a community of different fish around goldfish, since water pollution and overcrowding are two of the biggest challenges faced by pet owners trying to own goldfish. However, having a big tank does not mean that you can add as much fish as you want. Again, you will have to keep the problem of overcrowding and pollution under consideration.  Therefore, make it a habit of researching before purchasing and introducing new fish to your goldfish community. Just remember that the goal should not be to have as many fish as possible. It should be to keep your fish happy, healthy, and stress-free.

Indeed, building and maintaining a community of fish with goldfish isn’t the easiest. It is also true that other species are much easier to handle. However, the aesthetic pleasure and joy bought by goldfish make it all worth it. Therefore, just make sure to follow the suggestions above and have a lovely aquarium for yourself.

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