What is Aquarium Water Aeration?

What is Aquarium Water Aeration?

Aquarium water aeration is extremely important to your fishes’ health.

Pretty much all aquatic organisms besides a very few bacteria need oxygen dissolved in water to be able to breath. They are what is called aerobic organisms. That is why the aeration of your aquarium’s water whether it is freshwater or saltwater is so important. Your fish need enough oxygen to breathe and most importantly to live. In general, the higher the water temperature of an aquarium the more oxygen you need in the water. The reason for this is that the solubility of oxygen in water is inversely proportional to the temperature of the water.

Aquarium Water AerationFor the most part this it often makes sense to look into getting an air pump for your aquarium. Especially if you are going to have tropical fish in your tank. They will need a warmer water temperature, hence more oxygen pumped into the water.

There are a ton of different air pumps out there to choose from that can be picked up at any pet store when thinking about the aeration of your aquarium water. In my opinion the biggest two things to consider are the air pumps reliability (because it never turns off and the fish need it to breath) and the amount of noise it makes (because it never turns off). Once you get the pump all you need is a tube that runs from the pump to a diffuser which is normally a porous stone. The reason you need a diffuser instead of just the air coming directly out of the tube is because it increases the surface area in contact with the water which increases the amount of aeration of the water.

Air pumps are a relatively inexpensive piece of equipment for your aquarium. Dependent on the amount of water that needs aeration, you can get a good one that is pretty quiet for between $15 to $60. What impacts price of an air pump is the amount of water that needs aeration and how quiet it is.

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